Isabella Garcia ~ Product Review 1/2

Recently I got to test the amazing Isabelle Garcia products and today I’m writing a review for the (1) Toner (2) Face Wash (3) Day Moisturizer (4) Night Cream and (5) Face Scrub.

Let’s start with the Face Wash: This was by far my favorite. The key here is that “a little goes a long way”. I used this a few times before I used the face scrub and also a few times after I used the face scrub and still liked the results. Not only does this product remove those raccoon eyes aka make-up but it also left my skin feeling refreshed and clean. I know, that’s kind of the point but it felt good. I have a face scrub from Neutrogena at home and used the Face Wash after I used the scrub I already had. Those two were like Batman and Robin, like Mermaid Man and Barnacle boy and like strawberries and cream. They were the perfect match, so perfect that if they were on Tinder I’d swipe right.

The Toner: This I used after the Face Wash to wipe away all those extra spots I didn’t quite get with the Face Wash, it felt soft and gentle on my skin and really worked well with the wash. For me personally, some toners can be very dry on my skin but with this I found it to be the opposite and complimented the Face Wash very well.

The Face Scrub: Unfortunately this is my least favorite product out of all of them. I used this a couple of times and really this one didn’t do it for me personally. It left my skin feeling oily and it made me break out in weird little red pimple-like thingy-magigs. Really not a fan. I would say if you really want to try the scrub, perhaps purchase a smaller volume and then test it out to see if you like it. I preferred using the Neutrogene scrub I already had, I think my skin was quite used to that product and it just worked well for me.

The Day Moisturizer: I have used a few day moisturizers but this one takes the cake. My face felt ┬áthat ‘glow’ and refreshed ALL day long. The feeling with other moisturizers usually fade by lunch time but even after an intense workout session I still felt like a glam- queen.

Night Cream: I would have to rate this the same as the Day Moisturizer, perfect for after a long day at the office, wash away your make up with the face wash and then when you get out of the shower / bubble bath which you’ve been dying to take all day, just apply the night cream and BAM, you can look beautiful for your prince charming!

I am yet to review the other products I received, I’ve been spoiled with quite a few but keep an eye out for my review about those! If you’re looking to purchase any of these items (which you should because they are MAGNIFICENT) just search for Isabella Garcia and Google will do all the work for you.

Thank you for reading and thank you to those who followed my blog! Talk again soon!