The Mad Typewriter


Having your book published, especially if it is your first book is supposed to be an exciting time for you. Well, at least that’s what I like to think. The experience I had with the ex-publishers of my book was everything but pleasant. From printing and publishing a book FILLED with mistakes, horrible marketing and blame shifting it just turned into a complete nightmare.

I decided to start my own publishing company. I know. What do you possibly know about publishing books? Well, not a lot to be completely honest. But what do know is that the cover of the book you envision should be the cover that is printed. It should be beautiful and it should be easy on the eye. It should be something that someone will notice on a shelf immediately, it should stand out from the rest.

I know that a manuscript filled with grammar and spelling mistakes is a big no no. I know that authors pay a lot of money to self-publish and fall over their feet to make it happen. I know that it takes a lot to get your book sold and that’s where I want to help you. I have build up connections over the past year. Connections that I believe will help me to help you.

It’s not going to be for free, we all want to make a living at the end of the day, but I also won’t put my logo on something because you are paying me. I promise to provide the service I possibly can and to help you as far as I possibly can to make your dream become a reality!


  1. What kind of services do you provide?
    Manuscript evaluation, printing & publishing. Cover and book design, typesetting and page layout, ISBN application, barcode generation, publishing and marketing of provided manuscript.
  2. What does pay-as-you-go services mean?
    Let’s say you only need someone to edit your manuscript or design a cover for you. We don’t force you to do everything with us, you can pick and choose which options would work best and suit your needs and go from there. Depending on your needs, we structure our services around you. YOU are the Author, and our job is to make YOU happy.
  3. How do I submit my manuscript to be considered for publishing purposes?
    Although we don’t want to be too fussy and block your creative mind and spirit, we have 3 simple rules;

    1. We require 3 sample chapters. If more material is required you will be notified accordingly. Please do not send the entire manuscript at this stage.

    2. Synopsis of the plot. Please make sure the synopsis is not more than 1 page long. We will not be able to review your manuscript without a synopsis.

    3. Short author biography.

    Send your manuscript to and after our panel considered your work we will inform you of the outcome.

If you are keen to find out more about what we do, or you would like a quotation, please feel free to submit our contact form or send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.